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Notes on cosmology...

The multiverse of the campaign is very different from your usual Amber game. There is no Trump as such, Dwarkin never drew any and nor does anyone else, Courts or otherwise. There are only two sets of ‘Trump’ in existence. These are in the libraries of the Courts and Amber. They are in the form of a wall of framed pictures. The ones in Amber are more reliable as they are nearer to Order. If one searches the wall for long enough one will find the picture of any living being in existence. So it will take about
30 seconds to find the Trump of Drego son of Merlin who is, for the sake of argument an influential person in the trading sphere, a Logrus master of note as well as a powerful shapeshifter. Yet it would take hours of searching to find Pinto son of a street sweeper in shadow Whocares due to his lack of influence in the universe. The place where you find Dwarkin one time will be totally different the next due to the
strange nature of the wall. You see, the pictures aren’t set and the change and alter slightly when the viewer is not paying attention, thus anyone or anything can be found. They update automatically by themselves. Even Fiona couldn’t make heads or tails of them when she tried.

The rest of the multiverse is also altered. The Pattern is semi sentient in that if an initiate works to destroy it the image of the Pattern shall be removed from the initiate’s mind, effectively leaving her stranded in shadow without an imprint. The Logrus remains unchanged as does shapeshift. Sorcery has been altered to create a more versatile, _instant_ and cr@p free system. Ygg is still the marker between Order and
Chaos but there are two new powers that it also divides- Creation and Renewal. The Cup represents Creation as it has existed since the beginning of time, isolated from the seeds of chaos germinating elsewhere. Corwin’s Pattern was created to bolster the Power of Creation as it’s spirit was collapsing due to a flagging resource base. So Corwin was compelled to create a new power in the multiverse making a sum total of 6 - Chaos, Order, Creation, Renewal, Entropy and Limitation. Which brings me to my
final two points. The Abyss is Entropy which was eating away at creation until Renewal stepped in and Ygg is Limitation by which the multiverse’ stopgap from Armageddon.


The Powers of the Fey

The powers of the fey can be learnt by those who frequent Tir'na No'gth and are tought to any within reason. Since Amberites do not tend to frequent the place, the Fey that inhabit Tir'na therefore do not have much contact with them. These are miscellaneous powers that fit in nicely with the way this place works.

Fey Powers

Phasing --> 10
Fey Shapeshifting --> 20
Illusion --> 10 (+10 of sorcery)

Fey Description

Phasing --> The ability to temporarily disappear for a willed period of time. It is very draining on the body’s resources. From an outsider’s point of view, the effect is not dissimilar to that of the Predator’s cloaking device.

Fey Shapeshifting --> The changing of one’s form. It takes a matter of seconds to switch from one form to another. No changes in size, weight, extra limbs, healing, etc. This is shapeshift without primal, demon etc. If arms become wings, you can fly though.

Illusion --> Just that, an extension of the existing sorcery rules. Take a short period of time to craft but are made different because if an object from the thing being made is present in the illusion, it becomes solid and permanent. Illusions cannot speak or make sounds.

All the above powers are undetectable by use of Pattern / Logrus / Corwin’s / Ogier’s.

Corwin’s Pattern (The Scents of Life)

Imprint --> 15 (0)
Pattern boost --> 5 (1) (intrinsic)
Shadow Travel --> 10 (3)
Defence --> 10 (4)
Discover Shadow Laws --> 10 (5)
Revert Shadow to norm --> 5 (6)
Rush Job --> 5 (6)
Travel Blur --> 3 (7)
Create personal shadow/reality --> 7 (8)
Ability to navigate the Abyss --> 10 (9)

Imprint --> Walking the Pattern itself, recalling the scents important to your life and discussing your case for walking with the Tree of Life at the base of the Pattern. The Pattern talks to the initiate through the tree and so should be treated with the utmost respect. The Pattern is sentient and will repulse any attempt at trickery or nonsense that is related to harming or attempting the Pattern without permission. The tree also provides the would-be walker with an equivalent of a trump scry upon reaching the centre of the Pattern.

Pattern Boost --> Same as Ogier’s but for Pattern instead.

Shadow Travel --> Travelling through shadow leaving nary a path behind you. Can lead others through shadow but must be close by. Easier the closer to Corwin’s Pattern you are. This pattern is the best method of shifting _anywhere_. Pattern dribbles out in this side of Ygg, Logrus’ tendrils freeze up and The Cup of life has difficulty crossing the border between the two multiverses (Amber-Logrus pair to Scent-Cup pair).

Defence --> Corwin’s Pattern defence is slightly weaker than Pattern defence but conveys a limited physical protection as well.

Discover Shadow laws --> Just that- take a few moments of intense concentration and voile! you know anything there is to know about this particular Shadow’s makeup. This includes natural (or unnatural) barriers (comm etc.), how much and of what type of technology, sorcery, intrinsic systems, Order, Chaos, speed of timeflow related to Corwin std etc.

Revert Shadow --> used in combination with the above can be used to return a shadow (or whatever) to its original state. e.g. an enchanted staff becomes a travelling stick, Borel’s Way is returned to chaos etc.

Rush job --> While shadow travelling this is sort of a hellride, it is faster than a normal ‘shift and works in fits and starts of blurring fast travel where the entire countryside is reduced to pastels and mixed to produce an entirely different thing than started from.

Travel Blur --> As above but stays blurred for the entire trip. As fast if not faster than a hellride. Very draining on the characters’ endurance.

Create Personal shadow/reality --> Further refinement of Revert Shadow ability. You can create a shadow to your own precise design specifications and every tiny detail of the shadow can be specifically laid out. Adding Order will bring it closer to Amber etc.

Ability to navigate the Abyss --> This allows the initiate to travel within the great Abyss of the Amber-Chaos divide. The Abyss can be used to travel through ‘shadows’ of multiverses - each one different. These universes are in a 1D continuum with no beginning and no end. These points can only be paid upon entering the Abyss. These powers also negate the Abyss’ entropic powers.

The Powers of the Ogier (The Cup of Life)

Initiation --> 15 (0)
Shadowrun --> 10 (3)
Shadow Trump --> 20 (7)
Defence --> 10 (4)
Patternull --> 20 (9)
Logrus boost : 5 (1) (intrinsic)

Initiation --> the act of drinking of the cup of life in the sacred Stedding of the Ogier homeworld. The person is then imbued with raw power which flows through them, ravaging and tearing at the old personality. They are driven almost insane by the forces ripping through them. One must have exceptional endurance to even contemplate (without losing one’s identity that is) taking the cup. Thus the endurance requirement of 5. Once one has assimilated oneself into the power, it leaves and repairs the damage done
to your psyche leaving only the need to return to the grove and drink of the cup regularly (once per  month).

Shadowrun --> Unlike normal shadow walking, this ability can only be used while on foot. However when the proper mode of transportation is utilised, it is about half the speed of a Hellride and double to triple that of normal Shadow walking.

Shadow Trump --> This ability is utilised much the same as that of normal Trump. There are a couple of exceptions. Namely there are no cards, it is all mental. The second is that it only works in Shadow, places of reality are not affected. Third, you cannot step through the Trump contact.

Defence --> Like the Pattern, the energies of the Cup are brought to mind and a glow comes to the features of the attuned person. This ‘visualisation’ helps to ward off Logrus, Corwin’s Pattern and Pattern energies as well as those powers based items.

Patternull --> If the attuned person concentrates hard they can cause the power of the Cup to manifest externally in the form of a shimmering globe around them. This globe is impervious to the powers of Pattern.

Logrus boost --> A minor extension on the normal Logrus powers. One can (shadow) travel faster, summon Chaos closer to Amber as well as stronger tendrils.

All the above (Ogier) powers have a number in brackets next to them. This denotes the level of proficiency required of the adept to utilise said power. Thus if you want a level 6 power, you need to purchase all the other powers below that level of proficiency, Shadowrun etc.

The Elder Amberites

Use these hotlinks to get to the Elder of your choice:

 Floramil   Random  Llewella   Bleys Corwin Eric Benedict Julian Gerard Fiona Caine Oberon Dwarkin
The 'Lost' EldersGwendolyn  Cassandra  Hwang-Lin  Fred  Finndo  Osric

Floramil --> 244

Psy: 35
Str: 10
End: 20
War: 24

Exulted Conjuration: 85
Pattern: 50
Fey Shapeshift: 20

Random --> 262

Psy: 50
Str: 35
End: 35
War: 45
Mastery of the Jewel of Judgement: 25
Advanced Pattern: 70
sword: 2 (double damage)

Llewella --> 355

Psy: 55
Str: 30
End: 38
War: 56
Advanced Fey powers: 70
Champion if the Rebman Pattern: 90
Personal Shadow - Rebma : 16

Bleys --> 417

Psy: 71
Str: 40
End: 60
War: 96
Advanced Pattern: 85
Shapeshift: 45
Rings: 12
Sword: 16
Sorcery : 36
    * 2 @L5
    * 1 @L3

Corwin --> 435

Psy: 50
Str: 45
End: 135
War: 80
Greyswandir: 16
Pattern: 50
Corwin’s Pattern: 60
Initiate of the Jewel of Judgement: 10
Gauntlets: 4

Eric --> 317 (mortal)

Psy: 51
Str: 45
End: 50
War: 85
Atunement to the Jewel of Judgement: 10
Pattern: 50
Pattern Conjuration: 25
Sword: 16

Deirdre --> 373

Psy: 40
Str: 50
End: 35
War: 90
Abyssal Shapeshift: 45
Pattern: 50
Sorcery: 15
 * Earth Magic @L5
Battle-axe: 6
Armour: 2
Abyss: 40

Benedict --> 390

Psy: 30
Str: 30
End: 40
War: 161
Advanced Pattern: 75
Spies and Army: 30
Sword: 4
Shadows: 20

Julian --> 389

Psy: 20
Str: 60
End: 30
War: 70
Pattern: 50
Morgenstern: 40
Hellhounds: 42 (14)
Hawks: 21 (7)
Advanced Conjuration: 40
Armour: 16

Gerard --> 440

Psy: 20
Str: 175
End: 70
War: 57
Pattern: 50
Warhammer: 8
‘healing’ conjuration/sorcery mix: 20

Fiona --> 450

Psy: 180
Str: 5
End: 40
War: 10
Advanced Pattern: 85
Advanced Sorcery: 40
 *Mind @L5
 *Air @L5
 *Fire @L4
Advanced Conjuration: 45
Various Items: 35
Trump Tricks: 10

Caine --> 347

Psy: 45
Str: 50
End: 40
War: 50
Bow and Arrows: 14
Conjuration: 20
High Compelling: 5
Sorcery: 21
 *Earth @L5
 *Mind @L3
Fleet: 10
Advanced Pattern: 80

Oberon --> 713

Psy: 106
Str: 79
End: 81
War: 112
Conjuration: 25
Champion of the Pattern of Amber: 100
Ygg: 30
Exulted Shapeshift: 95
Logrus: 50
Mastery of the Jewel of Judgement: 35

Dwarkin --> 950

Psy: 212
Str: 20
End: 90
War: 83
Exulted Conjuration: 85
Champion of the Primal Pattern: 180
Exulted Shapeshift: 150
Advanced Logrus: 70
Mastery of the Jewel of Judgement: 60
The 'lost' elders...

Gwendolyn --> 325

Psy: 61
Str: 10
End: 51
War: 46
Shapeshift: 35
Exulted Sorcery: 105
 *The Lot @L5

Cassandra --> 215

Psy: A
Str: 90
End: 20
War: 40
Shapeshift: 55
Latent Conjuration: 10

Hwang-Lin --> 310

Psy: 70
Str: 30
End: 40
War: 50
Exulted Shapeshift: 75
Advanced Sorcery: 25
 *Earth @L4
 *Nature @L5
Conjuration: 20
Pattern: 50

Fred (female) --> 421

Psy: 120
Str: 96
End: 70
War: 135

Finndo --> 300

Psy: 15
Str: 60
End: 40
War: 100
Massive Sword: 15
Pattern: 50
Conjuration: 20

Osric --> 367

Psy: 136
Str: 40
End: 10
War: 51

Mace: 10
Sorcery: 15
 *Mind @L5
Champion of the Fey Pattern: 105

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